New Site!

The old one was so too many versions behind so I’ve decided to start over fresh.  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but I’ve been working on some fun projects that I wanted to track progress on. I think this will be fun : ) A lot has changed since I last blogged.  The […]

Excellent Reference For Bolts

Just came across a great reference page for anyone who’s doing at-home design and gets tired of making Home Depot runs to see if something fits. The Bolt Depot offers printable scale drawings of various bolts and washers. It’s very handy stuff to add to your design toolbox. Just a quick tip for you all.

New York – Day 6

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been 6 days. It feels like 18. We’ve done so much and have remained pretty-well isolated from home so it feels like we’ve been gone forever. We had some last-minute shopping to take care of, then off to Newark. We flew in what has become a significantly out-dated plane on […]

New York – Day 5

Had my first baffling experience in a Starbucks today. They have those in Halifax, but we have just never been. Tim Horton’s is much more popular. Thankfully my friend bailed me out, explaining what I was being asked. It was like a whole other language in there. Speaking of languages, my wife pointed out the […]

New York – Day 4

As expected, we had another slow start but we’re quite ok with that. The friend with whom we stayed just got back in town and it’s great to see him again. Time really flies when everyone’s preoccupied with the day-to-day mundane things in life. I think it’s been at least a year if not more […]

New York – Day 3

The morning started slow. Going from a suburbanite commuter to a New York walker can be a bit of a rough transition. Today was a day to see some sights. We already had a spectacular view of the Empire State building from where we were staying, but we thought we’d get a ground level view. […]

New York – Day 2

Wow! We put about 60 blocks on our shoes and boy are we beat. We saw Times Square during the day and in the evening. It’s quite a sight, especially after dark. It’s loaded with tourists but it’s a heck of a sight. The one bummer about it is that there didn’t seem to be […]

New York – Day 1

Well that was a long day. We were both up before 6:00 am Atlantic (5:00 EST) and have now begun to crash at about 7:00 pm New York time. It’s our first visit to NYC. It’s long been on the agenda, but family visits have always taken priority. This time, the stars aligned and we […]

Back From New York!

I just spent the last week in New York on vacation and it was fantastic! Since I generally don’t like to blog about when I’m on vacation live, I thought it would be a good idea to take some notes so that I’d have some material when I got back. I had a bit of […]

Lightning vs Capitals

I’m on vacation in Tampa, I’m at the game and they’re warming up right now. Ovechkin, LeCavalier, St. Louis, Fedorov… They’re all here. Oh yeah and we’re in the second row behind the penalty box. Happy Valentines day to me from my awesome wife. Awesome!