Robot Sensors

While I feel I have enough skills to get by in building some of my robot I’m certainly a way off of being well rounded within the field. I have enough skills in the R/C field to work with basic chassis design, enough programming skill to work with basic programming and enough electronics skills to […]

A URL At Last

Yes that’s right, welcome to Big thanks to Billy for helping me with the URL. We tossed a bunch of ideas back and forth over the phone about a month ago and this is the URL that came out as the winner. I know it’s been a while since I mentioned that I was […]

Adapting To Suburbia

We’ve lived in our home for over two years now and as I reflect about how what parts of my life have changed as a result, I keep coming up with one interesting lifestyle difference that I just haven’t gotten used to. My better half asked me to go pick up something for her at […]

Looking For A URL

The current working name for this project has been “Shoveling Snow In The Rain”. But I don’t think I’m going to stick with it. I really like it, but it just seems far too gloomy to keep as a long term title. So tonight I embark on the always difficult task of finding a URL […]

Shoveling Snow in the Rain

According to the weather network we got 26.2 cm of snow a couple of evenings ago. So yesterday we dug out. It was the first snow of the year and left me a little sore this morning. Unpleasant as that was I had no idea that it could be worse. This morning the snow plow […]