Lowering The Volume On A Kid’s Toy – Part 2

With the success of my first attempt at lowering the volume on a child’s toy, I turned my attention to another toy that was just a little too loud.  The volume probably wouldn’t have been as big a deal if the songs were better, but they were really unpleasant to my ear.  Here’s the offending device.


This one was a lot easier to open up, but this time I took a different approach. I had issues in the previous build with picking the wrong resistor because I was holding things in place to test the volume. This time around, I soldered in a small two pin female header to put the resistor in. That made it really easy to get solid contact but still be able to swap out resistors easily as I searched for the sweet spot.

insides with oddly long leads The socket with resistor in it

Oddly enough, you’ll see that it was a 100 Ohm resistor again.  The resulting volume for both projects is different.  Really the one in the first project should have been a little higher value.  I put together a really fancy tape job to cover any exposed metal and closed it up.

Taped Up All Done

All done!  Success!

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