New York – Day 5

Had my first baffling experience in a Starbucks today. They have those in Halifax, but we have just never been. Tim Horton’s is much more popular. Thankfully my friend bailed me out, explaining what I was being asked. It was like a whole other language in there.

Speaking of languages, my wife pointed out the great breadth of languages you hear in the city, particularly in Times Square with all the tourists around. I’m sure we heard more languages than I could even begin to guess at.

In the afternoon we walked up to Central Park and roamed around a little. As anyone who’s ever been would know, it’s simply stunning in there. There was a cellist playing inside a lovely archway/hallway near the angel statue. The acoustics were wonderful and the deep voice of the cello made for some perfect music.

Then it was off to NBC Studios for a studio tour. On Friday they only have an SNL tour since most other shows don’t tape on Friday which was a bit of a bummer, but we were able to see some of the SNL cast rehearsing a skit which was really cool. We moved on to a bit of shopping and then started getting ready for supper.

We went to a smallish place called La Lanterna. I kind of got hosed on the service pretty bad, but the food was to die for. I had the tastiest Lasagna Bolognese I’ve ever had (and I’ve had lots). I was screwed by the service since the waiter didn’t actually place the order for my lasagna. So everyone else was almost done by the time my food arrived. Thankfully the quality of the food made up for it.

We popped over to Washington Square and on the way there, I got a close-up look at an all-black Tesla which was super-awesome. Then we chose to call it a night.