New York – Day 4

As expected, we had another slow start but we’re quite ok with that. The friend with whom we stayed just got back in town and it’s great to see him again. Time really flies when everyone’s preoccupied with the day-to-day mundane things in life. I think it’s been at least a year if not more since we saw him last.

We brought him a few treats from Canada including Smarties, Eat More bars and the difficult to find donair sauce. He loved all of it!

We went to a big buffet place for lunch which was ok for food on the run and by far the best buffet food I’ve ever had, but it was still buffet food.

We walked in the rain to the Rockefeller center to try to get an NBC studio tour, but we weren’t able to get one that fit our schedule. We walked up fifth instead and all the fancy stores, Gucci, Fendi, etc… We popped into the Disney Store to see what we could find for our niece and nephew (one other one is too old for that stuff). We didn’t actually pick anything up because we were going to the taping of a show.

Then it was off to the Colbert Report! The show was fantastic! The guy is hilarious and I got ask him a question out of character. He’s almost always in character so it was neat to hear some Q&A with the real Stephen Colbert. The set was much smaller than I expected. It was all there, but everything seemed to be in much closer quarters. I suppose it speaks to what you can do with good camera work.

Elvis Costello was the main guest, unfortunately, he had a sore throat and couldn’t sing. Stephen filled in though and it all worked out in the end. On the way home we stopped into a small place called Lucky’s burgers and I had a pretty awesome burger. Item of note for Canadians though. Anytime you order a burger, and don’t want to see any pink meat, you have to ask for it well done. Lucky’s, for example, cooks it medium unless otherwise specified.

We got home at a reasonable hour but the wear and tear of being on our feet all day is starting to take its toll.