New York – Day 3

The morning started slow. Going from a suburbanite commuter to a New York walker can be a bit of a rough transition.

Today was a day to see some sights. We already had a spectacular view of the Empire State building from where we were staying, but we thought we’d get a ground level view. I think it’s even more impressive from below. From there, the New York Public Library, Grand Central, Rockefeller Center and then to the Ed Sullivan theater for a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman.

Letterman was fantastic! The guy is just funny. He had Robert Pattinson on which was interesting. My wife and I aren’t caught up in the Twilight Madness, but we did watch the first movie a few weeks ago to see what all the fuss was about. I had no idea he was a Brit which ads yet another British actor earning a living doing an American accent (a bit of a shame really). He was very honest and direct with most of his answers. Seemed like an interesting actor given how he spoke about his role in the Twilight saga.

Then it was off to TKTS to get some cheap seats for a play. We scored some great seats for Bye Bye Birdie. John Stamos was listed as the lead but he was out, hence the cheapness of the tickets.

Before the show we went to a place called HB Burger. Great food, great atmosphere, great price. I still can’t get used to being asked how I want my hamburger cooked. In Canada, food establishments won’t serve medium or rare burgers due to heath concerns with E. Coli. But I suppose if you’re going to smoke like New Yorkers, drive like New Yorkers and/or walk in front of moving traffic like New Yorkers, then what’s a little E. Coli going to do?

Then, it was off to the play. Now I’ve never considered myself to be a fan of musicals, but wow. It realy was an amazing experience to see something like that live. The talent was fantastic all the way through the cast. The singing voices were just stunning.

Now it’s late and we’re back to rest. Given the day we had, I doubt we’ll be up early tomorrow.