New York – Day 2

Wow! We put about 60 blocks on our shoes and boy are we beat. We saw Times Square during the day and in the evening. It’s quite a sight, especially after dark. It’s loaded with tourists but it’s a heck of a sight. The one bummer about it is that there didn’t seem to be any decent food places. They were all chains. Sometimes it’s nice to see an Olive Garden, but not when you’re in NYC.

Thankfully we were told to check out a pace called Il Melograno on West 51st and 10th ave. It was awesome! They have a selection of pastas they make there, including the veal ravioli I had. I have only had comparable pasta once before in my life and it cost more than three times as much. It’s a small place, but fantastic bang for your buck in an expensive city.

After that, we went to a taping of The Daily Show. Joe Biden, the US Vice President was the guest. Made for a great interview and the rest of the show was great as well. What a great show that is. While I am looking forward to the rest of the trip, I don’t think we’ll be able to top that.

On the way home we stopped into Macy’s on West 34th/35th to pick up a couple of pillows. That was pretty cool. We had no idea the store was 9 stories tall. That’s a scale of store I’m just not used to.

The one bummer of the day was the smell of diesel and cigarettes. No matter where we went, diesel and cigarettes. We’ve been to Montreal and I think that there are actually tons more smokers in NYC. Didn’t think it was possible to generate more smoke than Montreal short of being an actual volcano.