New York – Day 1

Well that was a long day. We were both up before 6:00 am Atlantic (5:00 EST) and have now begun to crash at about 7:00 pm New York time.

It’s our first visit to NYC. It’s long been on the agenda, but family visits have always taken priority. This time, the stars aligned and we had an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. We’re staying on West 31st with a friend and the view from the 35th floor is unbelievable. Despite knowing that there are millions upon millions around me, I haven’t found the streets to be too crowded. Though we haven’t gone anywhere popular yet.

Tonight, we just grabbed a bite at a cute little place called Fresh & Co. on 30th that had fancy pizza an fresh chopped salads. We also picked up snacks at the Whole Foods in Chelsea. Other than that, we’re just wiped out from the traveling.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to go to see a taping of The Daily Show. I’m extremely excited for that because it is, without a doubt, my favourite TV show. John Stewart is an amazing interviewer, likely the best in the world. Tomorrow he’ll be talking to Joe Biden! Not likely to be a hard-hitting interview, but will certainly be entertaining. Our tickets aren’t guaranteed, so here’s hoping!