Last Day At Work

Well I just went through my first last day at work in a long time. This past Wednesday I had to wrap everything up, pack up all my belongings and be ready to head out. Well the whole wrap-up portion was much bigger than I had expected and I accidentally scheduled something substantial on my last day. It made for a day that felt like it took a week to get through, but I suddenly found myself at the end.

It’s a bit of a bummer since I’m having to leave a lot of people that I’ve enjoyed working with over the years. I never really realised that fact until the end of the day came. I’ve been so excited for the new position that leaving my current one never really set in. I knew I was leaving from a logistical standpoint. As soon as I put in my resignation, I started working on tying up loose ends. But the reality of leaving the people I’ve been working with had escaped me.

It’s a few days later now and I’m focused once more on the task ahead. I can’t wait to see what they have going on over at the Library. Some of their systems are obvious, but I’m sure there are many behind the scenes systems that helps everything move along smoothly. Every technical department has them. The interesting part is that they’re rarely the same so I’ll get to see another take on things.

It goes without saying that I’m also very eager to meet all of the people I’ll be working with there as well. While I’ll miss the people I used to work with, I know I’m going to meet lots of great people in my new position. Just a few more days to go :)