Another Great Open House Come And Gone


What a great day. After having some drizzly weather last year, the sun was shining on us today. Dalhousie holds an Open House every year around this time in October. It’s the university’s flagship event for prospective undergraduate students. With that comes a ton of preparation and effort from many, many people on campus.

In computer science we spent the last several weeks making sure that everything was going to go well on today. We did tons of preparation and it seems that things went very well. As always, there were some minor glitches, but the overall picture sounded pretty good. The reason I only heard about it was that once the organization was all done, there wasn’t much of a role for me on the day of the Open House so I volunteered my time to lead one of the groups of students (cohorts) around campus.

I was fortunate enough to be able to be a group leader last year and had lots of fun doing it. This year was no different :) There’s nothing more fun than being able to share your past experience with people who really want to hear about them. Prospective students have so many questions and while I certainly won’t have all the answers for them, I love to share what I can.

With all of the effort that goes into something like this, there’s a huge high on the day of, followed by the strange anti-climax of having to get back to work as usual on Monday. It certainly will feel odd on Monday.