Robot Update

I’m very happy with the progress so far. I was able to find the 4″ bolts I needed. I got them from a nuts and bolts wholesaler in Dartmouth called Transmetal. They’re hard to find, but a friend of mine pointed me in their direction and they have pretty much anything you need in this area. Since they’re wholesalers, they have a minimum $5 cash purchase policy and minimum $20 debit.

Once I got home, things started to come together. I had to do a lot of filing to get the slots and tabs to line up since none of the holes are exactly where they needed to be, but that didn’t take too long. I’ve now got a robot with the side panels :) That’s a critical move forward since those are the components that the motors are going to mount to.

I can’t take pictures of it right now, but I promise that I’ll post a few shots once I can.