Parts Are On Their Way

I ordered some of the parts I’m going to need for my robot last week. They should be here on Friday if everything continues on schedule. I’m really excited because the tank treads are on their way. The specific tracks I ordered are the ones used on this kit (link dead). While they’re not directly available for sale on the budgetrobotics website, I found out by e-mailing them that they are indeed selling them and will eventually have them on the web site.

I also ordered the 360 degree turret from them as well. I discussed this one in my post about choosing a blind spot. In hindsight, I think I’m going to deviate from that plan and go with a roll bar style overhang that will protect the sensor(s) in case of rolling over. This will move the blind spot to either side of the robot. This made sense when I drafted it up since the robot will be able to move forward, backwards, and then pivot on a point. It will never need to move directly sideways. In a case where it determines that sideways is the best way to go, it will pivot, look around and get its new information form the front and back.

While these parts are only the start of a very long process, I’m happy to see things starting to shape up :)