Adapting To Suburbia

We’ve lived in our home for over two years now and as I reflect about how what parts of my life have changed as a result, I keep coming up with one interesting lifestyle difference that I just haven’t gotten used to.

My better half asked me to go pick up something for her at the grocery store on Friday night. No big deal. We’ve got a Sobeys just down the hill from my house. But I was busy doing something or other and didn’t end up going out there until 10:45 pm.

I used to go out for late night shopping runs all the time when we were living downtown. I loved it. It was one of my more enjoyable chores. I liked heading out to the Sobey’s on Queen street after midnight and doing some shopping. They would turn up the music in the store and play some much better quality music than the elevator music you hear during the day. The place was full of students and people with munchies.

But on Friday night, as I approached the grocery store, I found myself wondering why I was out shopping at this ridiculous hour. Once in the store I found no students, nor anyone with the munchies. What I found were mostly middle-aged men that seemed to be picking up various varieties of snacks. They seemed like the kinds of snacks that a guy would pick up for their significant other so I figure they were all out on the same mission as I was.

Adjusting to suburbia has been a challenge. There are a lot of things that I miss from living downtown, and an equal amount of things that I’ve been glad to get away from. But I have to say that it’s a shame that I no longer seem to enjoy the late-night shopping trips I used to enjoy so much.