Looking For A URL

The current working name for this project has been “Shoveling Snow In The Rain”. But I don’t think I’m going to stick with it. I really like it, but it just seems far too gloomy to keep as a long term title. So tonight I embark on the always difficult task of finding a URL for my new project.

I wanted to wait before pinning down a title, because much like a pet, I wasn’t sure what personality this blog would have, so I decided to get to know it first. I’ve got a couple of ideas but need to check availability and mull the short list over a bit.

While writing this up I actually talked to Billy Biggs on the phone about this issue. He asked why I didn’t just name the thing after myself. A fair question, but I wanted to abstract this a little. I think I’m going to keep my Dal webspace for the Marc Comeau persona. It doesn’t look like much now, but I’ve planned to spruce it up a little… Maybe I could dress it up a bit. I can bring a fern, and a folding chair from the garage…

Some people don’t seem to worry too much about these things, but for some reason it bugs me if I don’t get it just the way I want it.